MPS energi are pleased to be working with effbox as approved installers of their refrigeration optimization unit.

Effbox is a Patent Pending control device for minimizing the energy consumption of refrigeration and chiller plants.

It optimises the temperature difference between the condenser and ambient conditions; reducing power use at the compressor and condenser fans.

It is designed to be simple to install, configure and use.

In climates where the ambient conditions vary the electrical savings are typically 6% – 20% of the combined compressor and fan energy.

The typical payback including installation is less than 2 years.


Effbox is suitable for many refrigeration / chiller / air conditioning plants including:

Bespoke refrigeration plant
Industrial and commercial refrigeration plant
Packaged chillers / coolers / air conditioning plant
It works equally well with dry coolers, evaporative condensers, or hybrid condensers.

It is suitable for retrofit to existing plant, and inclusion in new bespoke refrigeration plant

For more information and technical data about the unit, you can visit the effbox site here –

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