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Being technology independent ensures all solutions are tailored to your project requirements.

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Support Desk

Our dedicated support desk is key to providing all customers with a high level of service during and after all projects.

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MPS Meter Shop

MPS has a dedicated shop for you to purchase a select number of devices delivered directly to you.

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MPS Connect

Open Source BMS Installation

MPS' ethos has always been to actively promote open source solutions such as the Tridium Niagara 4 Framework. This allows us to integrate existing BMS hardware into our solutions, providing customers with a single, up-to-date platform to access multiple BMS systems.

Our team of electrical/controls engineers are highly experienced; providing BMS upgrades, new installations and integration. We take great pride in the quality of our installation work, and being electrically trained, we are able to carry out the entire BMS project including testing and certifying electrical circuits.

MPS Energy

Metering Services

MPS have in excess of 20 years’ experience in metering and have extensive electrical distribution and communication protocol knowledge.

This means our customers can be assured that meters are installed correctly, monitoring what they are supposed to be monitoring and, most importantly, that the data is 100% accurate.

Our metering services include

· Metering Audits - Checking existing metering to confirm it is fit for purpose, operating correctly and providing accurate data. Where meters are being used for tenant billing the auditor checks they meet the requirements to do this.

· Track and Trace - Surveying electrical circuits visually and by switching to confirm that meters are only monitoring circuits they are supposed to be. This is particularly important when billing tenants

· Meter Mapping - For customers wishing to implement a metering strategy. We will survey a site and provide a report on the most cost effective way to meter the site with the minimum amount of meters.

· Metering Installation - MPS are not tied to any specific manufacturer, we specify the correct hardware for the application. We provide turnkey metering installations from design through to installation, commissioning and handover. We have extensive experience in all communication protocols ensuring that the data the metering produces is accurate.

Steps of Our Project Process

Our in house project managers and delivery team, gives us greater control of your projects.


Project Scoping

We work with you to ensure the right solution and technology fits your project.

Project Delivery

MPS has a dedicated team of electrical and controls engineers to ensure the highest quality and control of projects.


Following the project installation, our software engineers will work through ensuring system operation.


We will continue to work with you following project completion to ensure you get the most out of your new system.



See What Our Customers Say...

The installation was quick and painless, communication was excellent throughout the process.

John DoeHead of Engineering

Very happy with the level of service from MPS energy. The system is up and running which has started to save the company money

Colm DeasyEngineering Manager

I wish all our installers were as professional and straightforward to work with as MPS Energy

Tom JaksonProjects


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